Biography – Iia Madsen

I was born in 1989 in Sevastopol in the Crimea in Ukraine and already at the age of 12 I was accepted into a school with a lot of painting in the program.

Later I moved to Kyiv to study at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. Here I chose the Faculty of Architecture, where throughout my studies a lot of attention was paid to techniques with precision and proportions. The Academy to this day adheres to the old classical school, which gave me a basic knowledge of composition, drawing and painting.

When I passed my final exam in 2013, I moved to Italy, where I continued painting. I also met the skawbo resident Jimmy, to whom I’m now married. I moved to Skagen in 2015, and here I have been inspired by the classic Skagen painters and not least by nature.

I have always painted a lot and have always been inspired and fascinated by landscapes, architecture and nature.

I paint both houses, people and cityscapes, but I’m most interested in capturing the light and movements in the waves and the agitated sea. I love going to the beach and following the changing of the seasons and the sea, which is never the same. I grew up with the beach and water, and I enjoy being so close in Skagen, and with my art I also want to encourage that we all take good care of nature and the fantastic riches we have.

Professional work / Exhibitions

  • Museum MP Kroshitskogo in Sevastopol, Ukraine in 2012
  • Art fair in Skagen, Denmark – November 2014
  • Nordkraft in Aalborg, Denmark – 2015 in February
  • Art fair in Skagen, Denmark – November 2015
  • Nordkraft in Aalborg, Denmark – 2016 in February
  • Work in Skagen Kunst og Rammer in 2018
  • Display in store Collett, Skagen, Denmark – from July 2018
  • Exhibition in “Tronsmark GL.School” Gallery & Art Workshop, Bindslev in April May 2019
  • Exhibition in “Galleri Munken”, Løkken – June-August 2019
  • Work at FOF evening school, art-teacher 2020 February-April
  • Participation in the program “Real Men on Educational Journey” DR1 – June 2020
  • The Art Fair “Art for Everyone” Copenhagen, Lokomotivværkstedet – 2.-4. October 2020
  • Exhibition in showroom “Creative Mind” Ringsted – January-March 2021
  • Exhibition “CphArtSpace” Docken, Copenhagen – 13.-15. August 2021
  • Group exhibition “CphArtSpace” Kunstbygningen Filosoffen, Odense – 31 August – 12 September
  • The Art fair “Art for All” Lokomotivværkstedet, Copenhagen – 1.-3. October 2021