The sea and the sky – two symbols of infinity

One of the artist reviews

“We have been looking for a long time for a large painting that depicting sea waves. We know that it is technically difficult to recreate these to look natural on a canvas. But hold on! You’ve hit the spot – it’s so beautiful, and it suits our style, the house and the place where we live – close to the sea. Several times a day we stop and – yes, “jump into the sea”, because we think we have brought the sea closer with your painting.

When the eyes look at something beautiful, it affects the mood – we also feel that joy when we look at your sea painting, which now lights up our living room” – write Anne-Margrethe & Leon

Iia Madsen – is a painter who mainly creates paintings in large format to bring the feeling of how huge the sea is.

“I paint both houses, people and cityscapes, but I’m most interested in capturing the light and movements in the waves and the agitated sea. I love going to the beach and following the changing of the seasons and the sea, which is never the same. I have grown up with beach and water, and I enjoy being so close in Skagen, and with my art I also want to focus on the fact that we must all remember to take good care of nature and the incredible riches we have.”

Iia Madsen

My works